Building for Less -Thrifty Eyes Only

Building for Less -Thrifty Eyes Only

Build for less:

You want the home of your dreams, but don't have the budget it takes to build it.  If you are one of those thrifty people who make things happen, these tips for building on a budget may eliminate that problem and be easy to accomplish.   

First you must find a builder willing to let you to do some things yourself. You can get an even bigger savings if you find a builder who will let you subcontract some of the work yourself.  For example, you may have a brother who's a brick mason or roofer.  Because of warranty issues, scheduling and insurance concerns, not all builders will do this because misunderstandings can arise.

Thrifty building takes some effort.  If you can clearly define in your contract which items and services you will provide and be responsible for, those misunderstandings can be eliminated. 

Once you have a quote from a builder willing to work with you, start these ten tip


Building New - Save Money

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be able to stay within your budget.



Ten steps to making your building quote thrifty:

1.) Make a list of the people you know who work in the home building industry. If you know a painter, brick mason, carpenter, roofer, or plumber, you can opt to get a quote directly from them and start building smart.  

2.)  Use your thrifty shopping talents and opt to buy some materials or fixtures that you know you can find at a cheaper price.  Shopping for fixtures, cabinets, appliance package discounts, flooring, windows, carpet, trim work, are only a few examples.  Go over this with your builder if he is doing the installations of these products.  When purchase these items yourself you need to know if your builder will be installing them or if you need to purchase the item with an installation package from your supplier. 

3.)  Go through the builder's quotation line by line.  You may find areas you want to take on yourself. 

4.)  Be extremely cautious about doing anything that could cause major warranty issues. Those bigger concerns involve the foundation, framing, electrical, plumbing, heating & cooling. 

5.)  Don't overlook the savings you will get over the long term by having upgraded, blown-in insulation and installing a high quality furnace. Just because a furnace is new doesn't ensure you will have lower heating/cooling and electric bills. 

6.)  I often suggest using a geothermal heating and cooling system.  There are grant programs through the state that will help with their higher up-front costs.  Geothermal can lower your heating and cooling bills substantially.  You may think suggesting a high cost geothermal system shouldn't be on a thrifty page, but because I've seen the proof. It lowered my sister's monthly utilities by over 60%.  Several doubters said she would never find a way to economically heat her 125 year old home in the country.  You'll need to compare country living versus city living cost concerns with geothermal. Department of Energy Tax Incentives 

7.)  If you have the knowledge and time to be your own contractor, you can save thousands of dollars, although this may be too much of an effort for many to take on.    

8.)  Find the perfect lot for sale within your price point and location you desire. I have the staff, knowledge and resources to get you exactly what you're looking for.  Anytime you can purchase it on your own, you know the exact cost of a land purchase. When it is included within a builder's package price you may not know the actual cost of your land.  Search by subdivision for your lot or let me help you quickly find the perfect piece of land.

9.)  Finding your own blueprints could save a little, but it's necessary to go over this with your building contractor. Your lot size and blueprints must work together, and you will want to know the costs of having any changes made. 

10.)  Country living may or may not be for you, but think about not having water bills.
There is an upfront cost to installing a septic system and a well, but combining these costs with a geothermal system that runs on your free water can create long term savings that may change your mind.  I can help you find a lot for sale that has the perfect mix of country and city living. 


Your thrifty personality can work to your advantage and bring you great savings.  Build smart by building for less and use these thrifty building tips to get exactly what you want.  Keep everyone updated on your success using the tips and suggestions in my blog.   

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