Help for Foreclosure

Help for Foreclosure

Help for Foreclosure
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For help when foreclosure possibilities approach your door step, please do these 5 steps before contacting your lender. You're asking them for their time and help, so be organized and ready. This will also show the lender that you are taking a potential foreclosure very seriously and feel a workable plan can be made on your mortgage.

Help with Foreclosure takes Knowledge

1.) Know your Mortgage Loan Details.
2.) Review: Hope Now.
3.) Find your state resources from your State Government Housing Office.
4.) Know your DTI (Debt to Income Ratio).
5.) Counseling Advice may be needed. Check and before seeking counseling.

How to Stop Foreclosure

1.) Contact your lender.
2.) If you have received a delinquency letter, it should include foreclosure prevention information.
3.) Stop Foreclosure Letter.
4.) The Lender should have options available.
5.) Stop foreclosure- loans from other sources, accounts or another job for added income.
6.) Read Avoid Scams Blog- or check any professional service you are considering with and see HUD for a list of approved debt counselors.
7.) Hardship Letters.
8.) Lien on Property -Help.

Something to Know: The Government bail out money that has been issued to the banks did not go to  help struggling homeowners. The standard was for them to foreclose on you and get the insurance money. But the FDIC is putting  strict guidelines on any institution that receives Government funding. The claim is that they will soon be required to work with homeowners and not seek quick foreclosures.

other Sources Divorce the House

List your Home for Sale by Owner.

Ohio Forclosure Home Listings can be viewed here.

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