New Construction

New Construction

Why some home buyers choose to build new:

♦ Personalization - Making good choices, from paint color to lighting, carpet, fixtures, cabinets, exotic flooring, countertops, and wood trim can add value to your finished home.  If you know what you want and can build new and get those items from the start, you eliminate the time and expense required to personalize an existing home.

♦ Low Maintenance -  If a no maintenance or low maintenance home is what you desire, then new construction offers real benefits.  Choosing durable surfaces and high-quality fixtures will help you create a no-low maintenance home.

♦ Floor Plan - You can get the newest floor plans so your home has everything you need.  Some lifestyles require a private home office or a large media room.  When specific needs are on your wishlist, building can meet your specific needs. 

♦ Location -  Your choice of a location will depend on the stage of life you are in.  Families with children or active retirees look for locations that work best for them.  You may have the land purchased already or know the location you're interested in.  New construction in the right location will help fulfill your luxury home wishlist.

♦ Energy Savings -  Advances in technology make it possible for homebuyers to build increasingly more energy-efficient homes.  Ask your builder about the different energy efficiency options and energy tax breaks available.  Your home quote will most likely have to meet established building codes.  Solar, geothermal, high-efficiency furnaces, insulation, windows, and doors all play a part in your home's efficiency and may be considered up-grades. There may also be some tax incentives available to help with those higher up-front costs. 

♦ Market Conditions - During normal market conditions, a newer home increases in value.

♦ Safety - In a newer home, you know everything is new and built to today's building codes.

♦ Warranty - Your new home will come with a warranty for at least one year.  Plus, you will be starting over with brand new Energy Star appliances.

♦ Additional Time to Sell Your Home -  Choosing new construction provides you with six months to a year of lead time to get your current home sold. 

♦  Home Building is a very competitive market, and price isn't the only factor you must consider.  A lower quote may not be the best quote. It's only better if you are getting the same quality and if the same energy-saving options are included in the quote.  Just because the builder is meeting current building codes doesn't ensure the energy savings you may be expecting. 

♦ Get a few quotes and find a home builder you can work well with.


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Picking a Home Builder in the Toledo, Ohio Area:

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Choosing the Right Builder for you!

Before getting any quotes, you should choose a builder who works in your local area.  The building associations in the Toledo area maintain lists of builders working in Perrysburg, Sylvania, Maumee, Holland, Ottawa Hills, and Bowling Green, in Lucas and Wood County. 

Get References - You'll be spending a great deal of time with the builder, so be sure you work well together.

Be sure the builder you pick is capable of building your home. Is his or her business large enough?

Interview several builders if you haven't gotten a referral from a friend.

Ask questions and find out whether their floor plans can be modified to meet your needs.

Get quotes, then be sure the lot is the proper size and your builder has a blueprint and valid licenses. Bank draws need to be set up, insurance in place, utilities connected, and a schedule established.

How to build for less

See my article that shows a thrifty person how they can take his/her talents to a new level and learn the tricks of building for less.  Anyone building a brand new home should read this first.  Simple, thrifty building tips are listed.  To search for a lot for sale in a certain subdivision, go to my easy to use Subdivision Search, to save time or email Victoria at the Danberry Company and let her team do the work for you. 

Visit all the local Tour of Homes to see different floor plans, meet different builders, and start the groundwork for exactly what you are expecting.  Our Search by subdivision page also lists new construction areas.  Many builders have model homes for you to visit that help you get a better idea, see their work, and walk through different floor layouts. 

When you chose new construction, some things have to come first.

♦ The home in the blueprint must fit the land layout lot size you plan to purchase.

♦ If you own the land already, focus on blueprints suitable for your lot size.

♦ Your builder can also
help ensure the house plans and lot work well together.

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