Seller Forms

Seller Forms

Seller Forms and Seller Contract

When selling your home, you will need a few forms to complete.  And take advantage of the tips we have made available to you.  It can seem overwhelming at times, but know you have a working team in your corner. 

This simple Seller Contact Information will give me some of the information needed.  

 1.)  Selling Your Home for Top Dollar Marketing Forms

 2.)  Property Disclosure

 3.)  Lead Based Paint


Feel free to contact me or anyone from The Executive Home Team, they will be there to help in any way possible. 

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Client Resources  and Tips to Help Sell Your Home:

♦ To help our clients have every possible advantage over the competition, we have created a
Staging Your Home to Sell Page.  This is full of some simple tips that will help your home shine above the others.  Sometimes the little things can make a big difference and getting ready for your first open house & photos will pay off.

♦ Review
Pricing Your Home to Sell.  We will work together to find the best price point for your home.  I'll bring the market stats and neighborhood values with me to help us determine your listing price.  

♦ Quick Tip - Less is Best, no need to purchase decorative items or large projects.  Read Staging Your home to sell and when in doubt take it out. 

Your moving days may or may not be certain but you do know it eventually will be moving with you upon the sale of your home.  So it may be a good time to start boxing extra things up before open house & pictures.  

♦  For motivated sellers - It's hard to know what buyers are looking for and extremely hard for the sellers to truly evaluate the home they love. If you're ready, I would be happy to give you suggestions based on what other, similar homes in your price range look like. A few simple changes can help sell your home but may not be your style.  Appealing to the recent trends can be a simple step that makes all the difference.   

♦ I'll work hard to get your home the most exposure and as many potential buyers as possible.  First Impressions are lasting and many people don't have the imagination to see potential unless you expose and accentuate the positive potentials that your home has to offer. 

♦ See Why Sellers Choose Victoria Luhring and her Executive Home Team!  We will be working together with you to get the most out of one of your most valuable assets.   

Understanding Closing Costs


Closing Costs

The bundle of fees associated with the buying or selling of a home are called closing costs. Certain fees are automatically assigned to either the buyer or the seller; other costs are either negotiable or dictated by local custom and make sure you have completed the seller contract.

Buyer closing costs

When a buyer applies for a loan, lenders are required to provide them with a good-faith estimate of their closing costs. The fees vary according to several factors, including the type of loan they applied for and the terms of the purchase agreement. Likewise, some of the closing costs, especially those associated with the loan application, are actually paid in advance. Some typical buyer closing costs include:

  • The down payment
  • Loan fees (points, application fee, credit report)
  • Prepaid interest
  • Inspection fees
  • Appraisal
  • Mortgage insurance (typically 1 years premium plus an escrow of 2 months)
  • Hazard insurance (typically 1 years premium plus an escrow of 2 months)
  • Title insurance
  • Documentary stamps on the note

Seller closing costs

If the seller has not yet paid for the house in full, the seller's most important closing cost is satisfying the remaining balance of their loan. Before the date of closing, the escrow officer will contact the seller's lender to verify the amount needed to close out the loan. Then, along with any other fees, the original loan will be paid for at the closing before the seller receives any proceeds from the sale. Other seller closing costs can include:

  • Broker's commission
  • Transfer taxes
  • Documentary Stamps on the Deed
  • Title insurance
  • Property taxes (prorated)

Negotiating Closing Costs

In addition to the sales price, buyers and sellers frequently include closing costs in their negotiations. This can be for both major and minor fees. For example, if a buyer is particularly nervous about the condition of the plumbing, the seller may agree to pay for the house inspection.

Likewise, a buyer may want to save on up-front expenditures, and so agree to pay the seller's full asking price in return for the seller paying all the allowable closing costs. There's no right or wrong way to negotiate closing costs; just be sure all the terms are written down on the purchase agreement.


At the closing, certain costs are often prorated (or distributed) between buyer and seller. The most common prorations are for property taxes. This is because property taxes are typically paid at the end of the year for which they were assessed.

Thus, if a house is sold in June, the sellers will have lived in the house for half the year, but the bill for the taxes won't come due until the following year! To make this situation more equitable, the taxes are prorated. In this example, the sellers will credit the buyers for half the taxes at closing.

Remember: Filling out seller contract does not have to be done alone.  Our Executive Home Team can help you with any questions you may have.

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