The Importance of Curb Appeal

The Importance of Curb Appeal

 The Importance of Curb Appeal 


Some Important Facts when selling your home:

When many people sell their homes, they focus on painting, carpeting and other interior improvements. It is important to remember that first impressions can make or break the deal, and exterior upkeep and repair are just as important as how the rooms on the inside look, perhaps even more so. 

Make sure your yard is in good order. If there are leaves on the ground, make sure you clean them up. If there are bare patches on the lawn, make sure you seed and repair them. You may want to plant flowers or decorative shrubs to add to your home's visual appeal. Properly placed foliage can work wonders for a lackluster yard. Make sure there is no debris or clutter laying about the yard. This can greatly diminish your home's curb appeal and give potential buyers the wrong impression. It is important to display the sense of a well-maintained home, not a fixer-upper. A well maintained, well manicured lawn is sure to impress the potential buyers who visit and leave them with the right impression. 

While your yard has a lot to do with the curb appeal of your home, the actual exterior of the structure plays an important part as well. If there are loose shutters, re-hang them. If the paint is faded, you will want to repaint or think about installing maintenance-free siding on the home. This is also the time to repair any damaged screens or doors. These measures will increase the home's value as well as add to the curb appeal.  

Right before you list your home, stand outside at the street and look at it as though you were looking at it for the first time. Critique every aspect of your home's appearance. If you notice something that needs improvement, work on it. In the home buying-process, many buyers do indeed "judge a book by its cover" and you want to make sure your home is making the right statement.


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