Staging Tips

Staging Tips


Staging Tip number 1 is that your home is worth the time and effort and the meager amount of money staging will cost. Preparing your home to sell can cost much less than having to reduce your listing price. Many sellers learn this lesson too late and then say their biggest regret was not staging right away. There are a lot of simple tips and fixes you can accomplish that will help sell your home.  In most cases, there is no need to make any major changes. As a seller, your goal should be to have the nicest house in your home's price range!  Staging statistics shows a home sells 80% times faster and spends at least 35 fewer days on the market when a seller does a staging redesign.


House staging tips that will sell your home:

A list of staging tips:

30 Second Rule-  The average buyer gets a real sense of interest in a home within 30 seconds.  First impressions are key!

Curb Appeal - Great curb appeal attracts potential buyers.  Keep your cars parked in the garage with the door closed and your landscaping in tip top shape. Paint your front door, fencing, or deck if needed.

Landscape - Drive by viewers will book a viewing if they see a well kept lawn.  But remember the rest of your home must meet those initial expectations to get the sale. 

Lighten and brighten - Painting rooms in a soft and neutral color helps brighten and de-personalizes the home. And always open shades and window treatments to get natural light flowing, don't forget about light bulbs. This is a very cost effect way to sell faster and profit more

Clean and remove clutter -
Remove all collections, trophies, souvenirs, personal photos and artwork.  Consider a storage unit to hide all these items because they won't be hidden in the closet, basement or garage. Every part of your home must look spacious and filling one room up with boxes won't allow the buyer to see it's real size. Every room needs to be spotless from your kitchen to your bathrooms.  Remember, less is best!

Big mistake #1-  Only use a hypo-allergenic light air freshener. Too much air freshener can give the appearance of needing to cover up a smell and many people are allergic to them. A good staging tip that freshens things up is to pour a small amount of bleach down each drain and run a little water; this works well.

Big mistake #2 - Is not  staging your home before photos and showings.  Your competition most likely had their home staged and you must outshine them.  Remember, doing one thing at a time is better than doing nothing at all.

Large items -  If your home gym isn't being used or isn't in a perfect spot, you should consider removing it.  Staging furniture like china cabinets and extra or large items must be evaluated. When something isn't being used everyday, it can easily be moved out before your open house. Removing these unused or over-sized furnishings will make your home feel larger. 

Appliances -  Many times the appliances are negotiated within the sale of your home.  Be sure they are clean and remove all items like magnets or notes from the refrigerator door.  

Counter tops-  Your small kitchen appliances need to be put away and remove clutter from your counter tops so buyers can imagine themselves cooking and serving meals to family and friends in an uncluttered kitchen.  Bathroom sinks and bath tubs shouldn't have any personal items in sight. Also, it is important to fix caulking in tubs or showers. 

Flooring- Replace any damaged flooring and shampoo carpet that is in good condition and not dated.   If you own a pet, don't skip the carpet cleaning because many people can tell right away when they walk in a home that the owner has pets.  If your carpet is out of style and dates your last remodel, it may be worth replacing.

Repairs - Repair anything that is causing problems before the offers come in - this could cost you more during negotiations and even eliminate offers. Electrical and safety issues should be a first priority.  Buyers and inspectors will look for anything that will cost money to fix, which leads to lower offers. 

What else can go -seasonal items that are not being used can be put in storage.  Snow blower, lawn equipment, motorcycles, bikes, golf equipment, etc.  

Kitchens - Don't underestimate the power of a great kitchen to make a sale happen, but also don't underestimate the cost to completely remodel.  When possible, do what we call a lipstick update.  This means change out the hardware, replace the faucet or sink if needed, and evaluate how to make the flooring look better. If your cabinets are in terrible shape paint them, you have nothing to lose at that point.  If a new counter top is enough to give the kitchen a new look, try that. 

Fresh Flowers - Staging a house can benefit from fresh flowers. They not only freshen things up, but can give the potential buyer a relaxing home feeling.

Pricing Your Home to Sell - Learn how to Price your home right, quicker selling.




Ask a realtor experienced in home staging to evaluate your home:

It is sometimes hard to evaluate your own home.  Ask yourself who views more homes and knows what buyers are looking for better than anyone -  your Realtor!   They should know exactly what your potential buyers are looking for, and they also know what the homes you're competing against look like. 

This is the biggest sale you will make in your lifetime.  It's important for you to do everything you can to get the most out of your largest asset, your home.  Even a good friend's advice can help.  Remember it's not about great designer style but about making everything look uncluttered, clean, bright and spacious.  Make it possible for the buyer to imagine their decor in your home. 

Go to a local tour of homes and see how the builders stage their model homes using very few items, but just enough to show each room's potential purpose


What to do before a showing. Stage your home to make it attractive to buyers.

1.)  Appeal to sight - Open your blinds, paint in lighter tones, put out new towels, and keep pets out of sight during open house.

2.)  Appeal to smell - Flowers, pop corn, bake bread, bleach down drains, only use hypo-allergenic fresheners and make sure everything is spotlessly clean.

3.)  Appeal to taste - A fresh pot of coffee and snacks.

4.)  Appeal to hearing - Have soft music playing and the television turned off.

5.)  Appeal to touch - Anything you think they will touch should be dust free and clean.

6.)  Appeal to space - Clutter free homes appear more spacious; less equals more.

Remember first impressions gets them in; then make sure every room passes the first impression test.

* Some of these simple staging-to-sell tips don't have to be expensive but help that all-important great first impression to bring in offers. If your home stays on the market for months, what will that cost you?  

Interpreting Agent Feedback

What the agent says versus what the agent actually means:

"The buyer thought the house was too small" actually means "The buyer found a larger house for the same price."

"They liked the house but bought another one" really means "They found a house that was a better value."

"They liked the house but bought a new home" means "Buyers will pay 10%-15% more for a new home."

"They didn't like the carpet" really means "They could smell pet's or smoke."

"They bought a new home instead" can mean "Your house needed too many repairs and there was too much remodeling cost involved."

"The yard is too small or the street is too busy" might mean "They found another home with a larger yard on a quieter street."

"They didn't like the floor plan" usually means "They didn't like the floor plan."


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